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The following are answers to commonly asked questions about the inReach series of satellite communicators. For detailed technical questions, product support, usage tips and tricks, please visit our support site.

Product Background

Does inReach rely on the same satellites for its GPS and communication capabilities?
How does inReach differ from what is currently available in the marketplace?
Is inReach water resistant and dustproof?
If my inReach breaks under warranty, whom do I contact?
What kind of battery is in an inReach and how long does it last?
Can I use inReach to post to social media?
Are there maritime or roadside assist options?
Is there anyplace where inReach won't work?
What is Iridium?
Does the product comply with the European Union REACH Position?
Can I send and receive SMS text messages in any country?


How can I use inReach with my iOS device (iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®) or Android device?
Is inReach compatible with all Android phones?
Can I still use the original inReach model (without a screen) if I don't have an Android or iOS device?
Can I broadcast messages to other inReach users (for example, to set a new location for the group to meet)?
How can my family, friends, and colleagues see where I am?
How many people can track me?
Am I charged more when multiple people view my tracks on the MapShare site?
What is the benefit of two-way text messaging?
How are SOS messages delivered?
Who is contacted when I need help?
How long does it take for outbound messages to be delivered and inbound messages to be received?
Can I activate my inReach device if I am in a place without internet access?
How long does it take to activate my inReach?
What are Quick Text Messages and Preset Messages?
How do I set up MapShare?
Can I put privacy settings in place on my MapShare page?


What are my subscription costs/charges?
Can I enable tracking if I have the Safety Plan?

Warranty Information

What is the warranty that comes with my inReach?